Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Moving Locally!


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Any time you’re juggling a lot of things at once you’re apt to make a few missteps. And while to error is human, moving has a tendency to be stressful enough as it is. Professional furniture movers usually say that mistakes are the usual bridge between inexperience and experience, but moving out of one home and moving into another is not the best time for the trial and error approach. In fact, as furniture movers say, some moving mistakes can be truly costly, potentially costing you time, money, nerves, and energy. Avoid mistakes when moving house at all costs by hiring cheap movers near me. Or at least do your best to keep your move mistake-free from start to finish in order to guarantee its successful end. The least amount of moving mistakes you can make, the more pleasant and cost-effective the entire process will be.

There are plenty of things in life that are better to learn the hard way, for example, cooking, calculus, driving a car, etc. But how to move is not one of those things. The more you can learn from the best movers about what you should and shouldn’t do before your next move, the better your move will go. So read on to learn the 5 moving mistakes you should be careful not to make, and how to keep them from happening. Whatever you do, don’t make any of the following mistakes when moving home and hiring the best movers. Yes, to err is human, so it’s time you became a superhuman to be able to avoid these 5 common moving mistakes.

  1. Not researching your moving company

Before you commit to a contract with professional furniture movers, you need to make sure you have researched movers Los Angeles thoroughly to avoid any serious problems that may come on a moving day and then possibly even worse problems after that. Moving companies are plentiful, but not all of them are created equally. To find the right professional furniture movers for the job, you need to get referrals, read reviews, and actually call up a few different companies for information and estimates. If you just pick the first name that comes up on the search engine results page, you’re taking a major risk with both your belongings and your peace of mind. You’re also not doing your wallet any favors, since the only way to know you’re getting a good deal is to do some price comparisons. Instead, you can do your research in the right way. The goal is to start with a verified list of reputable furniture movers so that you’re already working from a baseline of professional movers Los Angeles you know you can trust. From there, you can choose the company that works best for your situation and your budget.

So, we would definitely advise you is not to get caught without furniture movers on moving day. It is important to hire the best movers Los Angeles six to eight weeks before your move-out date. In fact, as soon as you know your move date, schedule top-notch, professional furniture movers. If you wait too long to find the best movers, the day you need them to move you across town or across the state might not be available anymore, so you will be forced to choose furniture movers Los Angeles that does not have the best reputation and costs too much. Picking a day that is convenient and affordable is something that you need to consider. It is less expensive to move during the week. There is more demand for weekends and Fridays, so the cost of professional furniture movers is usually more. Besides, don’t forget to read the fine print on the moving contract before you sign, so you don’t find yourself strapped with hidden fees or extra taxes. Sometimes, the cheapest quote does not mean the cheapest cost in the end. Try to find professional furniture movers Los Angeles that assure no additional fees.

  1. You don’t give yourself enough time to pack

Even if you’re just planning on throwing things haphazardly into moving boxes, packing takes time, and as professional furniture movers always say-it’s the most difficult part of the moving process. It’s almost inevitable that areas you thought would take ten minutes to pack take closer to an hour, and then there are those areas that you know from the get-go won’t be a walk in the par. Giving yourself an insufficient amount of time will always lead to stress, and that’s the stress that could have been avoided with better planning and with the best movers. Also, you should be realistic when allotting time to packing without furniture movers. Figure that a studio or one-bedroom apartment will take about two days, a two-bedroom home about three days, and a three-bedroom home for about five days. Add on another day if you have a lot of delicate items that will need to be carefully wrapped and stored, or if you know you tend to get distracted. When it comes to packing, the best thing you can do is hiring movers Los Angeles pa do the packing instead of you. They are the best movers out there and they will pack your things much faster than you for sure.

  1. Packing and moving ALL your belongings

There are several big mistakes to avoid when packing for a move, with or without professional furniture movers – packing in the last possible moment, packing without a clear strategy, not packing an essentials box, not labeling your boxes. And yet, there’s one serious mistake that can easily be identified as the worst moving mistake ever – packing and moving all of your belongings without sorting them out first. Only in rare cases will it be okay to pack up and move everything you own – for example, if you’ve recently decluttered your home and got rid of all outdated, worn out, damaged and broken items, things you never liked, duplicate items, and possessions you haven’t used for years. However, if you’ve lived many years under one roof without decluttering on a regular basis, then your upcoming move is the perfect time to do so.

It’s easy to see why packing it all is one of the biggest packing mistakes:

  • Time- More items to pack and move will mean more time wasted in packing, moving, and unpacking. If you decide to do it without professional furniture movers, it will be even harder.
  • Money- More items to pack and move will mean more money for packing supplies, professional furniture movers, and much higher transportation costs too – the total shipment weight affects greatly the moving cost.
  • Space- Will you have enough space in the new home for all the items you will most likely never use again?

Within the holy grail of moving tips is the notion that there’s no better time than during a move to edit down your personal belongings and furniture. The less you have to move, the better, you will pay your professional furniture movers less, plus there’s no use wasting time packing and unpacking the things that you no longer want or need. Yet too often we get caught up in wanting to minimize tasks and simply throw everything into a box instead of doing some organization and getting rid of things. In addition to being a waste of time, bringing along unnecessary items can make your move cost more in labor and fuel. Instead, while you’re packing, sort items you don’t want or need into donating, recycle, and toss piles. Resist the urge to hold onto things that no longer serve a purpose in your life—you won’t miss them.

  1. You didn’t check on insurance

Whoops, the movers Los Angeles just dropped a box of your favorite dishes. Who is going to pay for that? Well, nobody is (or you are), if your furniture movers don’t have enough insurance. Find out before you start the moving process. Your chosen furniture movers might have some insurance but it may only pay for a fraction of your heirloom dishes’ or TV’s value. Then check with your home insurance provider to see what’s covered and when and where. Does your policy cover moving and items in transit? If you don’t think you have enough coverage, the best movers offer a variety of deals on additional insurance. You should also find out if your chosen furniture movers Los Angeles have workers’ comp insurance. Some small companies, usually with fewer than five employees don’t, and that could mean that paying for an injury someone sustains in your home is your responsibility.

While the chance you’ll need to actually use your insurance is minimal (provided you’re working with reputable furniture movers), it’s up to you to decide how much risk you want to take on. Fail to do that, and you may end up with little to no recourse if something happens. Instead, when you’re choosing a moving company and movers Los Angeles, ask about what types of coverage options are available to you. Once you get the facts, you can make an informed decision about what level of coverage makes the most sense for you and whether you need to get more than what’s being offered.

Licensed furniture movers in most states are required to provide you with basic insurance to protect your belongings, but sometimes it is not enough coverage. Do not make the mistake of being under-insured when moving day arrives. If the furniture movers Los Angeles breaks your television or loses your container with your jewelry collection, you pay for it, if you hire a moving company that is not legitimate. Do your homework. Ask the best movers to explain their insurance coverage ahead of your moving day, and if the furniture movers’ liability policy does not adequately cover your belongings, check your rental or homeowners insurance policy first to see if they protect your possessions during the move. If not, do not wait until the day of your move and hope for the best. You must purchase higher moving day insurance through your moving company.

  1. You forget to pack a moving essentials bag

How is it that it’s always the most important items that are the hardest to find after a move? As the best movers Los Angeles we will tell you that you will need an essentials box, which is a box that contains the things that you will need right away, and the container needs to be labeled as such. A moving essentials bag is a small duffel bag or suitcase where you store the items you can’t afford to lose and/or the items that you know you’ll need on moving day and within the first couple of days at your new place. If you don’t pack one, you’re probably going to be frantically looking through boxes trying to find a single item or have to go out and buy something you already have. Instead, you can choose a designated bag and fill it with the necessities: wallet, keys, important documents, basic toiletries, chargers, items for your pets. Your survival box should include a change of clothes, your essentials, personal electronic devices, and their power cables and chargers. Do not forget to include toiletries such as a shower curtain, towel, toilet paper, toothpaste and toothbrush, soap and shampoo, shaving supplies, and deodorant. In addition, you will need sheets and pillows, and your alarm clock if you use one. Also, eating utensils and plates are crucial items, and you might consider plastic ware, paper plates, paper towels, and cleaning wipes, as well as a garbage bag to put them in so that you do not have to worry about dishes right away. Also, you will probably want to include a few snacks and other food items for the evening and the next morning, and prescription and over-the-counter medication. If you are assembling things, you will need s few tools like screwdrivers, an adjustable wrench, and pliers. Also, kids should each have their own essentials bags, medications, and a change of clothes. You’ll be glad you did it. Smart furniture movers make sure they have a personal survival kit that they carry with them so that move-in day and night goes smoothly for everyone in the family. This might include must-haves, such as scissors, a screwdriver, your address book, a flashlight, a map of your new town, your child’s can’t-sleep-without blanket, toiletries, dog food, a can opener, soap, coffee, toilet paper, and necessary medications for the whole family. Remember to have enough handy cash, too, so that you’ll be able to tip your furniture movers and pay for that pizza delivery you’ll most certainly need.

Now when we listed the top 5 mistakes you can make while moving and hiring professional furniture movers, perhaps the most convenient way to avoid moving mistakes that will cost you a lot of time is by working with reliable furniture movers. Call Beverly Hills Movers- the best movers in town, and get your free moving quote today!