Frequently Asked


movers with box

1. How many movers should I hire?

When determining the number of movers that you should hire, you have to understand that this mostly depends on your moving needs and the size of your move. Someone who is moving a 5-bedroom home will probably need more manpower than someone who is moving out of a studio or 1-bedroom apartment. Keep in mind that your moving coordinator can help you out by suggesting you the appropriate number of movers according to your move size, and that going with a mover less than suggested might offer you a smaller hourly rate, but will extend your move for a few hours. In contrast, hiring an additional mover will therefore offer you a higher hourly rate, while shortening your move for a few hours.

2. Can movers hold your stuff overnight?

Some local moving companies will offer you the option of holding your items overnight, which is a great option to have if you’re in the middle of a large move, or you need to keep your items with your movers and finish up your move on the second day. Keep in mind that this also does come with an additional fee, and it is always best to ask your moving company about this option in detail, to make sure that your items are in safe hands, at a reasonable price.

3. Will movers take my bed apart?

Professional local moving companies will oftentimes offer the service of both disassembly and assembly as a part of their standard moving service, which means that they will not charge you additionally for taking your items apart and putting them back together at your new location. Your movers will most likely disassemble your bed, as it is much easier to handle certain pieces and basically impossible to move a bed in its entirety through doors or up and down some stairs.

4. How do movers pack clothing?

Some professional local moving companies might offer you wardrobe boxes at no extra charge during your move, in which you can safely place your pieces of clothing and not worry if they will get lost or damaged during transport. If you simply do not want to bother with packing your clothing before your move, you can ask your movers to bring wardrobe boxes with them and this easy solution can put your problem to rest.

5. What will movers refuse to move?

Professional moving companies will refuse to move anything that might be harmful or hazardous, including weapons, alcohol, guns, toxic liquids or solids, and more. If you’re questioning if your movers would move a certain item, chances are that they probably won’t, but it is always best to ask your movers about specific items and let them know before the day of your move. It is also best not to put your move and movers at risk by moving dangerous items that you wouldn’t wish to move yourself.

6. How much do movers charge per hour?

Even though some moving companies might offer competitive rates, some might be more expensive or cheaper than others. Even then, the hourly rate for your move also depends on the number of movers you’re going to need to complete your move, the size of your move and sometimes even the distance between your starting location and destination. The best way to know exactly how much you will be charged hourly, is to request moving quotes from moving companies and determining the best one for you. Make sure that the moving company of your choice doesn’t have any hidden charges, which could seriously hurt your pocket and make your move more expensive than it needs to be.

7. Will movers move full dressers?

Reliable moving companies will advise you to empty your heavy furniture such as dressers, as this can add additional weight to your already heavy items, risking the safety of your items and also slowing down your move immensely. It might be easier to just place the item in your new home as it was in your previous one, but it can add unnecessary complications to your move and hurt your pockets when it doesn’t need to. What you can do as an alternative, is ask your movers to bring wardrobe boxes on the moving day, so you can safely place your items in them and protect them during transport.

8. Can movers move in the rain/snow?

Moving companies work year-round, as people also move at all times of the year and sometimes you might encounter some unexpected weather that might add on some difficulty to your move. Professional moving companies with trained movers will be able to execute your move, even with some rain or snow in the way, and manage to do it in a smooth and efficient manner, while offering you extra protection for your items so they don’t get damaged in the process. However, if there are any signs of extreme weather on your moving day, most moving companies that are reliable will not jeopardize your items and offer you to reschedule your move for a day with better and safer conditions.

9. Can movers move one piece of furniture?

This is quite individual for most moving companies, however most of them will not have a problem with moving an item or two as they probably have a minimum number of hours that they charge, regardless of the duration of your move. If you are okay with their minimum number of hours, your moving company will ensure a smooth move for your items and help you with any moving dilemma you might encounter. Ask your moving company about this service in detail beforehand, and ask about how much they charge to get a clear idea of how much you will be paying.

10. What happens if movers damage my items?

If there happens to be any damage or loss of your items on the day of your move, the moving company that you have hired to conduct your move will compensate for the damage if they are licensed and insured. If you want additional protection of your items during the move, you can always purchase your own additional insurance, for your peace of mind. This is why it is always best to ask your movers if they are insured, and rest worry-free knowing that your belongings are in the hands of a reliable moving company.