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You did it! You searched, you toured, and now you’re ready to move. Before you start packing up your current apartment to move to your new one, let’s make sure you’ve covered everything. Because while moving day is exciting, there are some challenges you might face, with or without local movers. For example, moving into a new apartment isn’t easy, especially when stairs, tight corners, and doorways are involved. From packing a box to moving heavy furniture to know what ended up, where consider this your ultimate guide to moving day. So, are you in need of some tips when moving into your first apartment? If so, you are in the right place! In this post, our local movers will touch upon the most important moving tips and simple suggestions to consider when moving into your first apartment.

If you follow this short guide, we are sure you will have an excellent apartment move. In addition to that, this blog post will go over all the tips you need to know to get through your first apartment move in one piece. Apartment moving can be tough, but with suggestions and moving hacks, we’re sure you’ll have an easy residential move. Even if it is your first! And a quick suggestion: if you’re looking for a strong group of apartment movers, you’re also in the right place. Beverly Hills movers are LA movers who are sure to help you and meet all of your needs. Whether you’re going to be enjoying apartment living for the first time, or you’re moving into a new apartment, it can be a little overwhelming. After all, you’re taking your whole life and putting it into a moving box. However, moving to a new place doesn’t have to be a huge source of stress. Read on to explore our moving into a new apartment checklist, complete with helpful tips from our apartment movers to make it easier to move into your perfect apartment.

Prepare for the moving day

Before you start your new adventure in your new apartment, you’ll want to make sure you say goodbye to your old place properly. While this may involve fond farewells with your favorite neighbors, that’s not the only part of leaving your old place behind. There are necessary steps to take when leaving an apartment and moving into the new one, such as reviewing your lease agreement and hiring local movers. Your lease will outline everything you need to do when you choose not to renew. You’ll likely have to give advance notice, often in writing. The notice can range anywhere from 30 to 60 before utilities, before cases, even 90 days, so do this before you do anything else. 

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You’ll want to alert the community of your intention to move, you’ll want to contact your renters’ utilities before you are moving, and yes, you’ll want to say goodbye to your wonderful neighbor who fed your cat while you were on vacation. Four weeks before moving, start gathering supplies. You need boxes, packing tape, markers, basic tools such as a screwdriver and hammer, and some packing materials (paper or bubble wrap) for breakable items. You can buy it from your apartment movers. You’ll also want a measuring tape. If you haven’t done so, measure your furniture to make sure it will fit in your new space. If you can measure the doorway of your new rental to see if it is wide enough for your largest furniture to pass through. If something won’t fit through the door, look for other openings, such as a large window, that might work instead. Try breaking oversized furniture down to make it smaller, such as removing doors from a cabinet or legs from a table. If something is simply too large to move, you might want to consider selling or donating it and getting something smaller after you settle in. That way you will also save money on LA movers.

Get more than one moving quote from various local movers

One of the first tips for a positive apartment move is to get more than one estimate. Ask if you can get free moving quotes from the local movers you speak to. By doing this you will ensure yourself the best price for your apartment move. Additionally, you should ask a lot of questions when getting your estimate. Make sure you know what your quote includes before signing any paperwork with the chosen apartment movers.

Read reviews

Reading through reviews from local movers is an important tip that many people neglect. Paying attention to those negative reviews is an important step you’ll want to be sure to carry out. You should look at negative reviews to know if you can overlook some of the bad experiences customers have had with potential apartment movers. If a customer reports on having a negative phone call, that’s a much smaller thing than if a customer never received their belongings from a move. You’ll want to read through negative reviews with scrutiny to help you make your decision and hire the right LA movers.

Hire the right apartment movers

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Be sure to hire the right local movers for your first apartment move. Apartment movers Beverly Hills Movers doesn’t charge extra for stairs, assembly, or disassembly of furniture. This is extremely important if you have a lot of stairs in your new apartment complex. Additionally, you’ll want to be sure your moving team has a good reputation. Although it’s important to read the positive reviews, you should pay special attention to negative reviews so you know what to expect with your local movers.

Read through all paperwork & contacts

Another very important thing is to read through all paperwork, documents, and contracts before signing anything with local movers. If you do this one thing, you could completely change the way your move goes. Especially if this is your first apartment move, it’s crucial to understand everything about the moving process. The fees that could be incurred, cancellation policy, responsibilities of apartment movers, damage policies, and other things of extreme importance should be fully addressed and understood before making any commitments. The wonderful thing is that all of this information will be in any paperwork you get. All you have to do is read through it carefully. We know how tempting it is to simply sign, but many people get into trouble every year by doing so without understanding the terms. Local movers Beverly Hills Movers has transparent pricing policies. You can be sure you’re getting exactly what they tell you during your move.

Find moving boxes

While you can purchase boxes from any store that sells packing supplies, this could end up getting expensive. Consider purchasing specialty boxes such as a wardrobe box or a television/painting box for these delicate items. For everything else, call or visit your local grocery stores, retailers, and wholesale clubs. They often have plenty of boxes and will let you take as many as you want. Some stores will tell you which day is best for getting boxes, such as their delivery day. If you want to cut down on the number of boxes you’ll need, plastic bins are great for carrying more items since they are sturdier than cardboard, and some have wheels to make moving them easier. 

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Bonus: you can use these bins for storage in your new apartment. If you live near a university, the bookstore might have some heavy-duty boxes, so be sure to call and ask. Recycling centers can also be a great resource for free boxes. If you are hiring movers Los Angeles, they will often sell you boxes. If you are willing to pay roughly two dollars per box rather than gathering boxes yourself, this might be an option worth considering.

Label boxes

Label boxes for your apartment move to make unpacking easier. By labeling boxes, you will cut down on a lot of the work you and local movers will have to do. You will want to separate boxes of items by rooms. This way, when you are at the new place, the apartment movers can deliver the boxes right into the rooms that they belong in. This will make unpacking much easier for you. Beverly Hills Movers will put your boxes wherever you need them to go! Whether you need them delivered to your living, bedroom, or bathroom, our apartment movers are here to help.

Transfer the utilities, change the address and forward the mail